3D & 2D Swimming Pool Floor Plans

3D & 2D Swimming Pool Floor Plans

3D & 2D floor plans have the great potential to offer your client the ability to view their proposed project in the beautiful world of 3D.Being able to offer this service as part of your Swimming Pool Business will help show your client that you are up to date with modern practices.

3D plans are drawing that have been rendered and produce an angled overview of your proposed project that creates depth and shadow. The ceilings and walls can be removed to reveal your design in all its glory. There are many adaptations of these techniques which could include


  • Coloured Elevation   This can be an overview of your project from the outside, showing all materials and textures used.
  • Architectural Rendering These are detailed renderings of your project and are normally taken from CAD drawings were the dimensions are strictly used.
  • Floor Plans These are detailed plans of your project, including all the fixtures and fittings and all the surface finishing`s


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These types of 3D drawings are also a great marketing tool for your company and can be used in all your marketing through magazines or your company website.

2D Floor Plans

These are a great graphical tool to show your client the layout of their project and offer different levels of details

  • Sizes and dimensions
  • Company logo
  • Room Labels 
  • Room layout
  • Fixtures and fittings position

3D Floor Plans

This is a very modern way of showing your proposed project and can give a beautiful representation of how the project will look and feel. This method is also a very concise way of showing your client the different options available to them when it comes to the fixtures and the plant and environmental control options available
  • Sizes and Dimensions
  • Company Logo
  • Fixture and fittings position
  • Environmental control options
  • Colour or proposed structural fittings such as Automated Cover, Copings and surrounds
The use of this type of 3D & 2D imagery may seem a little complicated, but the results can create a stunning representation of your clients proposed project and set you above the competition. My advice is to get on board!


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