Indoor Swimming Pool Design

Indoor Swimming Pool Design

The importance of indoor swimming pool design when in the concept stage of your new pool is something that can be often overlooked. The ability to create an idea that is both unique and beautiful can of course, come at a cost. Your design will determine how you utilise the space and gain the greatest experience from your investment.

Over recent years many new and exciting innovations have come onto the market and deciding how to incorporate these features is of the greatest importance. The advice from a professianl swimming design consultant will be invaluable.  Your swimming pool will create a beautiful feature within your building, purely taking into effect people`s fascination with an open body of water. Water by its nature cause`s amazing reflections and with the correct lighting can create a room that is unrivalled in your home or business.

The design of your Swimming Pool can involve many consideration

Design Options

  • Graphic Design is a way to convey your conceptual ideas for your project into a visual representation with the use of drawings and modern 3d software
  • User interface Design will focus on the swimming pool users ability to interact with technical aspects and the visual aspects of your pool environment
  • Ergonomic Design focuses on the way we interact with the components and the environment we have created. Comfort and mobility must be a prime concern with any project
  • Industrial design  (ID) and Design Engineering (DE) looks at the aesthetics and usability and can be applied to many aspects of your project
  • Architectural Design can encompass all aspects of your project

 The shape of your swimming pool

When considering the design of your swimming pool, great consideration should be given to the shape of your pool. Many innovations today are more designed to go with a traditional rectangular shape; these could include automated pool covers, movable floors, coping design and the actual water dynamics of your pool. Curved pools do add more interesting lines to the buildings look, but they can be a lot more expensive to construct and great emphasis should be given to the conceptual stages of your project design. Curved shaped pools can add greatly to the look of your finished design.


The ideas for the design of your swimming pool project can literally be referred to as “endless” the secret is to combine all the elements together to create a beautiful environment that is a joy to use.

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  1. Shape definitely gives a huge impact on the appeal of ones pool and truly there are a lot of these to consider. With these ideas one could have an idea on what elements to use. Also, a pool owner must know how to maintain it and choose the right efficient devices, such as the hurlcon pool heaters which provides the right warmness for your pool whenever you want to go night swimming.


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