Innovation in Automated Swimming Pool Covers

Innovation in Automated Swimming Pool Covers

Innovations in automated swimming pool covers has meant that you are not now limited  to a bubble cover on a reel system. Over recent years many types of automated cover systems have come on the market and will add many elements to your design options. There are mainly 2 types of fully automated cover you could consider

Slatted Automated Covers

This type of cover is made up of a number of slats that are made from plastic and have buoyant sections within each slat that are attached to a reel. This will be driven by a motor that can be operated by a button to feed the cover on and off your water. There is a remote controlled option available.

The are many advantages to this system

  • Energy Saving  Covering your pool will have great advantages as it will reduce evaporation and heat loss
  • Added Safety This type of cover will add a certain element of safety to your bathers, but should never be considered as a dedicated safety cover
  • Industrial design  (ID) and Design Engineering (DE) Will add an aesthetic look  and usability

Automatic Safety Covers

This type of cover is normally constructed out of single membrane and can be fitted in most situations; they are incredible strong and offer a high level of safety. They are not as pleasing to the eye as the slatted type of cover, but if safety is a prime concern, then this should certainly be a consideration. They will also offer a level of energy saving and even a saving on chemicals. They can be fitted in a number of ways

  • Above Coping  This would be fixed outside of the pool copings and completely cover the entire pool
  • Track Mounted This would normally be into the actual pool wall and is often more pleasing to the eye
  • Retrofit  This system can be installed to an existing pool
The track mounted system again has the option to be mounted in a pit or above ground. These covers come in a number of colours and wear very well. This type of cover does need a separate pump that has to sit on the surface to remove any rain water as a large volume of water would cause a great deal of stress on the motor.


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