Level Deck Swimming Pool Copings

Level Deck Swimming Pool Copings

Level Deck Swimming Pool Copings can add beautiful design feature to your swimming pool and give you the opportunity to use natural stone products such as Limestone and Sandstone. With use of modern CAD software, the copings can be shaped to most designs.
With the growing design requirements and the need for something unique, natural stone products offer an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Level Deck Swimming Pools are the costliest option when deciding on the type of pool for your project, but they offer some advantages over traditional types of swimming pools.

  • No Skimmers  The task of skimming the top surface is done by the inclusion of a deck level channel around the perimeter of the pool
  • Constant Water Level The water level is controlled by a balance tank, which helps to keep the water at a constant height, no matter what the bather load
  • Added Filtration The water surface is far more affectively skimmed and debris removed more efficiently, aiding filtration
  • Stunning Design Look The criteria for your design options is far greater and the options to use natural stone products is always appealing

This image shows the grill made from natural stone and gives the stunning options to vary the colour and contrast that natural stone can give

Image showing a different variation to the actual channel grill made from different stained hard wood

Another option for this type of pool is quite a new trend in swimming pool design called Vanishing – Negative or Infinity Edge Pools; this type of pool can quite literally create a stunning and unhindered view across the landscape from within the pool. This design when create at a coastal location can give the illusion of being infinite water surface. This type of pool is a very specialised system and will require a lot from your swimming pool construction company.

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