Swimming Pool Design Consultant

Swimming Pool Design Consultant

A specialist Swimming Pool Design Consultant will require many years of experience across a wide field disciplines. Your consultant will not only need to be able to understand your design criteria, but also have the working knowledge of the many available options when considering your type of swimming pool.

Many Architectural Practices will work closely with a well established swimming pool consultants, as their area of knowledge has to be very varied and can add invaluable knowledge to the project. With all the knowledge in place your finished product can be a thing of great design beauty and efficiency.

There are many different catergories  of Swimming Pool

  • Infinity Edge Swimming Pool  These pools look beautiful when designed correctly and in the correct position to get the desired affect
  • Concrete Swimming Pools This category would cover different types of pool, from Vinyl Lined to tiled Level Deck
  • Fiberglass Pools This type of pool can be a good option, as they are quick to install and have low maintenance
  • Above Ground Swimming Pool This category of pool is the easiest to install and can often come in kit for

Infinity Edge Swimming Pools or the Level Deck design are the most expensive to install and is in particular were you should seriously consider an experienced design consultant. If your pool is an Indoor pool, you will be investing a considerable amount of money and the finished design must right.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Your design consultant will have a vast knowledge of the specific considerations should be considering, Indoor Swimming pool design is very different from Outdoor Swimming pools mainly due to the fact that Indoors is not exposed to the variance in temperatures and become an all year round living space.

  • Ventilation System  This is required to control the humidity in your building to avoid mainly condensation and damage to component surfaces
  • Pool Cover Your pool will still require a cover and this can add greatly to the aesthetic look of your building`s interior
  • Lighting This can become a complicated subject and requires great experience to optimize the appeal of the pool environment
This is just a short list of some of the criteria you will need to consider, you will have to make sure your pool consultant has a wide area of knowledge. Some of the services he should be offering
  • Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pool Design This is an absolute must especially if you are building an Indoor Pool as this is a very specialised area
  • Energy Efficiency Your consultant should offer you a complete energy efficiency report pertaining to your proposed method of powering your equipment and controls
  • Sanitization Will give you advice on the proposed method of sanitization for your pool, from Hand dosed Chlorination to Automated Dosing Systems and Ozone
  • Project Management  This is essential throughout the duration of your proposed project and will not only save you money, but will help with the interaction of the different construction disciplines that will be required
  • Operational Procedure Manuals These will be required to help you with the operation and control of all your systems after project completion and are essential
I have worked in the construction industry for 30 years and more recently in the Wet Leisure Industry. Please do underestimate the knowledge and experience that is required for the design and operation for the construction of an Indoor or Outdoor pool project. Swimming Pools are basically a body of water contained in a shell, but to make this pleasurable and safe experience takes the knowledge of  a specialised Swimming Pool contractor.
It has long been established that a swimming pool can hold great benefits to a person`s health and well-being, but is a large investment in time and money; a good place to start when considering appointing a swimming pool contractor in the UK would be to check out the SPATA  (Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association) site.  They have a register of approved members and you should be able to find a local contractor that will be able to offer you all the help and advice you require.
If you require any further help and advice then please don`t hesitate to contact me



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