Underwater Pit Construction for Swimming Pools

Underwater Pit Construction for Swimming Pools

In certain situations it will be essential you construct a pit or recess under the water line of your swimming pool if you decide to install an Automated Swimming Pool Cover. This would normally be required if your pool is a Level Deck construction. This type of pool would normally be of a reinforced concrete construction and the pit would be cast into your pool at a specified position and depth.

In the image I have tried to show one of the ways to install the reel system and then hide it behind highly polished stainless steel panels. There are panel systems available that are made to measure and would do the same thing, as with all things in your swimming pool, there is an opportunity to be unique and use the reflective properties of water.

This type of pool cover does not always need to be installed underwater and can be in a box that sits at the end of the pool and feeds the slatted cover from above the water line. This would be a less expensive option, but does take up space and the aescetics  will not be as appealing. You have quite a few options in this area of your project and it would be a must to consult with your project architect at an early stage so they can talk you through all the options available.



These methods are more bespoke, but there are systems were you can purchase a kit – including the panels and then add the mosaic tiles yourself. When using the highly polished stainless steel panels,  be aware that they can create amazing reflected patterns, but that this affect may not be to all tastes.


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